Office space Workspace is about how people live, not just how they work. Future-proof your portfolio with a flexible workspace strategy that enhances your existing business model. And unlock your and your customers’ economic potential.

Profit from innovative owner solutions.

Successful flexible workspace solutions start with the right partnership structure – with varying degrees of control, risk and reward. Direct lease to a branded flexible workspace/coworking company. Hybrid joint venture/revenue-sharing mode. Or a “powered by” model. What is the best solution? We’ll help you navigate a whole new world of operating and management agreements with third-party operators. All to optimize your asset and portfolio.



In a year, you’ll wish you had switched a year ago.

You know the deal. Traditional buildings require huge capital investment and suffer long periods of downtime. Flexible workspace enjoys 30% to 40% higher revenue stream, lower turnover cost and come with something you might not have seen for a while: a waiting list. Which do you want to own?

215 N. Payne

215 N. Payne